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  • (1) Theoretical analysis and experimental study on long term durability of cementitious materials and reinforced concrete structures. Monitoring and simulation of long-term performance of reinforced concrete and steel structures. (2) Evaluation of existing nuclear power plant structures: containment structures, bioshieldings, and dry casks. Leakage repair of wellbores in oil and gas industry, and CO2 underground storage formation. Performance evaluation of protection systems for highway bridge decks. (3) Development of sustainable construction materials for the earth and space construction. Applications of special additives in concrete, such as carbon nanotubes, optical fibers, forming agents, and phase change materials. Develop lunar construction materials. (4) Optimization of concrete mix designs. Reutilization of various solid wastes in concrete such as fly ash, waste glass, waste tires, and recycled concrete.


  • construction materials, structural engineering, sustainable development, structural health monitoring


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