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Balaji, Rajagopalan Professor


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  • Competition for freshwater resources is intense as global populations increase. This is evident in the Western United States, where developmental pressures are stressing the already limited water resources, exacerbated by substantial year-to-year (i.e., interannual) variability. My research program is an interdisciplinary effort to address these problems. This entails three interconnected themes – (1) Understanding the causes for spatial and temporal variability of the water cycle; (2) Forecasting and Scenario generation tools for water resource management that incorporate understanding of climatic variability and change, and (3) Evaluating decision strategies (this calls for knowledge of the decision making process of various resource management systems – water resources, agriculture, drinking water etc.).


  • Hydrology, Hydroclimatology, Stochsatic Hydrology, Hydrologic projection on seasonal and interdecadal time scales, Indian monsoon climate variability, use of paleo-climate information in hydrologic and climate diagnostics, Functional estimation, weather generators, Water resources management, statistical water quality and demand modeling, incorporating climate variability and change into water quantity and quality modeling and management


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