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  • Emily Yeh works on issues of development, environment, and the relationship between nature and society, broadly defined. Her regional expertise is in Tibetan areas of China. She has conducted field research on property rights, conflicts over access to natural resources, environmental history, emerging environmentalisms, nature and nation, transnationalism, and the political economy and cultural politics of development and landscape transformation in Tibet. She has also worked on the cultural politics of identity and race in the Tibetan diaspora, and on interdisciplinary projects investigating the vulnerability of herders to snowstorms and the determinants of grassland degradation in Tibet. Her newer work concerns the politics of Chinese infrastructural development.


  • nature-society geography, political ecology, human geography, development studies, environmental governance, identity, cultural politics, indigeneity


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  • GEOG 3822 - Geography of China
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019
    Surveys the world's most populous country, examining physical and historical geography, urbanization and regional development, agriculture, population, energy, and the environment. Seeks to situate China's development in a broader Asian and global context. Recommended prerequisite: GEOG 1962 or GEOG 1972 or GEOG 1982 or GEOG 1992 or GEOG 2092.
  • GEOG 5632 - Development Geography
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019
    Provides an overview of development policy and practice, surveying foundational works in Development Studies as well as critical interventions. Required for Graduate Certificate in Development Studies. Same as GEOG 4632.


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