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  • Dr. Pellegrino's research revolves around fundamental membrane development, characterization, and applications. We study how the properties of both the membrane, the streams, and the choice of operating conditions control the separations and productivity results. Illustrative examples include: development of membrane-based devices as part of renewable energy-based heating and cooling systems; the use of membranes for product recovery and recycling water in algae and lignocellulosic biomass processes; and devising models for optimizing particle fractionation using membranes. Recent work includes the study and scale-up of membranes containing regular surface patterns produced with nanoscale dimensions. These membranes appear to resist fouling deposition through both hydrodynamic and surface energy influences. Computational fluid dynamics and Lagrangian particle modeling tools are being developed to guide optimal pattern designs for specific fluids.


  • separations science, membrane science and technology, nanomaterial synthesis, biomass process development for sustainable energy


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