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Thayer, Jeffrey P

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  • Dr. Thayer's research program is rooted in studying the aerospace environment of our Earth’s atmosphere and geospace environment. He specializes in geophysical fluid dynamics, gas and plasma interactions, thermodynamics, and electrodynamics applied to the upper atmosphere (above 10 km altitude) and geospace. This field of research has increased over the years as our society rapidly becomes more dependent economically and socially on access to space and space assets. He also specializes in active remote sensing techniques employing engineering concepts to design, develop, deploy and apply laser radars (lidars) to upper atmosphere studies and apply radar techniques to geospace studies. The active remote sensing techniques engage engineering concepts and solutions with an acute understanding of the scientific purpose. This effectively bridges and balances engineering concerns with scientific expectations. Remote sensing is also a rapidly developing field with broad applications.


  • Laser remote sensing, upper atmosphere, ionosphere, lidar, geophysical fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, satellite drag, helium, thermosphere, space weather, magnetosphere


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courses taught

  • ASEN 2002 - Aerospace 2: Introduction to Thermodynamics and Aerodynamics
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019 / Fall 2020 / Fall 2021
    Introduces the fundamental principles and concepts of thermodynamics and fluid dynamic systems. Emphasizes the synthesis of basic science (physics), mathematics and experimental methods that form the basis for quantitative and qualitative analyses of general aerospace technology systems. Proficiency in Matlab required.
  • ASEN 6519 - Special Topics
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2020 / Spring 2022
    Reflects upon specialized aspects of aerospace engineering sciences. Course content is indicated in the online Schedule Planner. May be repeated up to 9 total credit hours. Recommended prerequisite: varies.
  • ASEN 6949 - Master's Candidate for Degree
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2023
  • ASEN 6950 - Master's Thesis
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2020 / Fall 2020 / Fall 2022 / Spring 2023


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