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Darling, Jeremy Associate Professor


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  • Professor Darling's research deals with galaxies, massive black holes, star formation, and cosmology. His work is mostly observational, using telescopes across the electromagnetic spectrum, but includes some theoretical work. Recent new research areas focus on 'real-time' cosmology, astrometry, tests of general relativity, measurements of physical constants with telescopes, primordial gravitational waves, and predictions of phenomena that can be observed using modern and planned telescopes.


  • cosmology, fundamental physical constants, precision spectroscopy, atomic clocks in space, neutron lifetime, gravitational waves, star formation, interstellar medium, black holes, general relativity, Galactic Center, masers, gravitational lenses, high redshift, early universe, astronomical surveys, data mining, proper motion, astrometry


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courses taught

  • ASTR 8990 Doctoral Dissertation (Spring 2019)
  • ASTR 2600 Introduction to Scientific Programming (Fall 2018)
  • ASTR 5110 Atomic and Molecular Processes (Fall 2018)
  • ASTR 8990 Doctoral Dissertation (Fall 2018)
  • ASTR 3740 Cosmology and Relativity (Spring 2018)
  • ASTR 8990 Doctoral Dissertation (Spring 2018)


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