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  • My research interests span several orders of magnitude from crustal-scale tectonic processes to microstructural and textural problems. Much of my work focuses on understanding the relationships and feedbacks among crustal deformation, metamorphic, and magmatic processes, and the consequent implications for crustal structure and tectonic evolution of continents. Much of my research involves the integration of tools from structural geology, petrology of all rock types, and geochronology. My current and past research includes general contributions to 1) understanding deep crustal processes through the study of high-pressure rock exposures and lower crustal xenoliths, 2) metamorphic & structural fabric controls on rheology & crustal seismic anisotropy, 3) styles and mechanisms of crustal mass transfer and rock exhumation, and 4) accessory mineral petrogenesis & in situ geochronological techniques.


  • structural geology, metamorphic petrology, geochronology, continental evolution, seismic anisotropy, shear zones, fault zones, rock deformation, lower continental crust, tectonics, rock microstructure


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