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Nytch, Jeffrey C. Associate Professor


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  • Dr. Nytch’s scholarly research is in three areas: 1) Exploring best practices for arts entrepreneurship (“e-ship”) pedagogy; 2) Redefining the role of artists within society; 3) Creating new paradigms for concert performance and audience engagement. The field of arts e-ship is an emerging one with few standards for pedagogy; Dr. Nytch combines mainstream research in e-ship with his experience as a musician to develop an integrated pedagogy for artists. This research actively intersects with his creative work as a composer. Through the application of entrepreneurial principles in his compositional career, Dr. Nytch leads by example and models entrepreneurship in action. He is pleased that the administration of the College of Music has endorsed this synergistic portfolio of research and creative activity as essential to effective leadership of the Entrepreneurship Center for Music.


  • music/arts entrepreneurship, arts entrepreneurship pedagogy, the role of arts and artists in society, interdisciplinary models for live concerts, career mentoring, audience engagement and development, arts education, leadership, arts advocacy and public policy, music composition


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