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  • Dr. James's research is focused on the Hellenistic (4th to 1st c. BC) ceramic assemblages of southern Greece. Her work is based on her own revised chronology and typology of Hellenistic pottery from Corinth, one of the largest cities in Greece and a major commercial center in the ancient Mediterranean. This analysis has expanded to include the entire region and has enabled a greater understanding of conditions in Greece before the coming of Rome. A further aspect of Dr. James's work involves examining import patterns at various cities in the Peloponnese to gain new information about land and maritime trade networks during the Hellenistic period. She is co-director of an archaeological survey of the western Argolid, through which she runs a CU Global Seminar, she is also assistant director of the archaeological excavations at Sikyon.


  • classical archaeology, Hellenistic period, pottery, survey archaeology, ancient Mediterranean trade, ancient economy, ancient Greek art, excavation methodology, ceramic analysis


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