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Reed, David Scholar In Residence


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  • Dr. Reed's research is focused on telecommunications technology, policy, and economics. His work applies interdisciplinary research methods to examine the evolution of public and private telecommunications infrastructure to advanced wireless and broadband platforms and the resulting implications on business strategy or public policy objectives. His current research focuses on forecasting and planning for the growth of broadband network capacity, spectrum management issues associated with Wi-Fi and small cell networks, costs of backhaul of small cell wireless networks, broadband roadmaps for emerging countries, spectrum management issues associated with unlicensed band technologies, cybersecurity policy, security of Internet of Things, and trends in emerging broadband applications such as video streaming.


  • Network economics, telecommunications policy, broadband network technology and costs, broadband applications and software, broadband roadmaps, wireless networks and spectrum policy, wireless local area networks, network security economics, cybersecurity economics, strategic planning for telecom businesses



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