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Sears, Kelly L Assistant Professor


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  • I make experimental animations through a process of collecting and activating images from American history. I’m drawn to print and film materials from Post WW2 life to examine how the flourishing of the American dream and America’s new status as a super power created contemporary political legacies. Industrial films, newsreels, lifestyle magazines, yearbooks, and textbooks are mined for archetypes to explore the resulting narratives of power, such as Manifest Destiny, occupation and surveillance. Using collage and digital compositing, I cut into imagery from American culture and politics to intervene with the history embedded in the frame. The visual documents become a site for archeology. I excavate images from the past and forge connections to present-day political histories. Through my animation process, I explore how the uncanny and official narratives can work together to reframe what we consider an authorized and accountable history.


  • animation, experimental film, media archeology, documentary, science fiction, creative writing



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