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  • Dr. Walker's research focuses on modeling, simulation and analysis of industrial energy systems. His work includes the development of a novel coal-based power production process, which is estimated to achieve carbon capture and sequestration goals with higher efficiency and lower water consumption rates than conventional processes. He also investigated the economic viability of utilizing degraded wastewater to replace freshwater in the recirculating cooling loops of thermoelectric power plants. Dr. Walker's research also looks into energy and resource consumption in manufacturing facilities. He recently developed estimates for water consumption in industrial steam systems at a previously unavailable level of detail. In addition, his work on the development and comparison of energy intensity metrics for major food industries provided engineering guidance to the California Air Resources Board during the development of their statewide Carbon Cap-and-Trade Policies.


  • Gasification, carbon capture and sequestration, carbon cap-and-trade policy, industrial energy and resource consumption, energy efficiency, sustainability, energy-water nexus, water reuse, process modeling, process simulation, process design, process analysis, sustainability metrics


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