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Szentkirályi, Levente Instructor



research overview

  • Dr. Szentkirályi’s primary research bridges political theory with environmental policy and engages problems of environmental justice. His current book-length project on the ethics of precaution and environmental risk regulation explores why it is morally wrong for emitters to release substances into the environment whose health effects remain uncorroborated. Contrary to convention, Dr. Szentkirályi argues that actions that create uncertain threats of environmental harm wrongfully gamble with the welfare of those who may be exposed, and that despite the lack of knowledge of the health effects of exposure, emitters are morally obligated to strive to prevent exposing others to potentially harmful emissions. This work has practical implications on national and global environmental policy reform, as well as broad theoretical implications on issues of human rights, environmental discrimination, food justice, and climate ethics—implications that his current research projects explore.


  • ethics of risk, precautionary principle, environmental justice, moral responsibility, teaching and learning