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Samper, Jota (Jose) Assistant Professor


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  • Samper is an architect, planner, and artist he has taught architecture, urban design, and planning. His work at Informal Settlements Research ISR concentrates on sustainable urban growth and dwells at the intersection between urban informality ('slums') and violent urban conflict. The main goal of ISR is to create innovative urban tools to intervene in the informal landscape. His work focusses on how State and Non-State actors use unique warfare strategies in the context of fourth generation wars. Samper work explore how individuals and communities negotiate living in conflict cities to create resilience mechanisms necessary to overcome the very conditions that create the contested space. He argues that such conflict and resilience create a landscape where¬—due to socio-economic, physical and psychological breakdown of hegemonic infrastructures—new architectural, landscape and planning theories get implemented.


  • Urban design, architecture, planning, informal settlements, urban conflict, mapping, urban growth, study abroad


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