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Shrikant, Natasha Assistant Professor


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  • I use ethnography and discourse analysis to examine how participants’ identity-negotiation constitutes their membership in communities. I focus on how participants’ communicative choices when negotiating identities shape and are shaped by cultural norms and ideologies. Past research focuses on the interactional accomplishment of racial identity in a South Asian youth organization, gender and sexuality identities in a lesbian community, and raced professional identities in a small business community. I am continuing past work on communication, professional identity, and business community membership through analyzing how, in addition to race, members construct professional identities as intersecting with gender, political, and regional identities. I show how the ways members enact these identities in their daily communication practices functions to reproduce or negotiate normative, community-specific notions of what it means to be a professional.


  • Discourse analysis, identity, community, culture, race, ethnography


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