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Stanford-Mcintyre, Sarah

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  • I am a historian with expertise in the history of technology, capitalism, and the environment. My focus is the energy industries in twentieth century United States. My forthcoming book, Natural Risk, argues that the Texas response to environmental and economic hazards was shaped from the bottom-up by oil workers, contractors, engineers, and entrepreneurs who accepted a very high level of “natural” risk. This set the parameters for Texas industrialization after 1920. I am developing a second book project on electricity and renewables development in the US Southwest. I have published on the environmental and social history of energy technology in several venues. Along with articles on oil industry political economy and labor structures, I am currently working on an article tracking the linked histories of oil detection technologies and early computing. I am an editor and contributor to the 2023 volume American Energy Cinema which examines the energy industries in twentieth-century Hollywood film.


  • American social history, cultural history, environmental history, history of science and technology, capitalism and industrialization, digital humanities


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courses taught

  • COEN 1830 - Special Topics
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2023
    Explores topics of interest in transitioning to the College of Engineering and succeeding in STEM majors.
  • ENES 1010 - Engineering, Ethics and Society
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2020 / Spring 2021 / Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 / Fall 2022 / Fall 2023
    Explores a wide variety of challenging and interesting humanistic themes (love, responsibility, ambition, etc.) in many forms (fiction, philosophy, plays, poetry, art, music, etc.). In small discussion-based classes, emphasizes the writing, public speaking and critical thinking skills needed to excel as a professional engineer. Fulfills College of Engineering writing requirement for first-year freshmen only. Formerly HUEN 1010.
  • HIST 4800 - Special Topics in Global History
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Organized around themes that change yearly, this class allows students to study and research processes, phenomena, and events of global significance in historical context. Will stress historical subjects that span multiple geographic regions of the globe. Topics could include the global history of: the arms trade; slavery; health and disease; youth culture; women's rights; genocide, the environment, migration, economic trade, warfare exploration etc... May be repeated up to 9 total credit hours.
  • HUEN 1010 - Humanities for Engineers
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019 / Spring 2020
  • HUEN 3843 - Special Topics
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2020


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