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Weaver, Celia Professor


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  • Dr Weaver explores how public relations and strategic communication leverages political, social and/or cultural identities, subjectivities interests, discourses and actions. This includes empirical examination and theorizing of how groups, especially women and issues-based activists, engage with communication technologies and are represented, and/or represent themselves in communication campaigns. Over her research career, she has had an additional focus on how violence, and especially violence against women, is represented in the media and in strategic communication campaigns. Having gained over US$3 million in external award funding as, variously, principal investigator and a member of grant-winning teams, she is co-author of Women Viewing Violence, Cameras in the Commons, and Violence and the Media, and is co-editor of Critical Readings: Violence and the Media and Public Relations in Global Contexts: Multi-Paradigmatic Perspectives.


  • Public Relations, Strategic Communication, Critical Theory, Social Theory, Culture, Public Relations Practice, Representations of Gender, Crime and Violence, Activism


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