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  • My current research focus is in the area of gender and globalization. I work on three levels, normative, methodological, and epistemological. At the normative level, I continue to publish articles exploring how global institutions and policies interact with local practices to create gendered cycles of vulnerability which generate various structural injustices. At the methodological level, I have recently participated in an international research project to develop a gender-sensitive standard for measuring poverty across the world. The resulting poverty metric (the Individual Deprivation Measure or IDM) is now undergoing further development at the Australian National University: http://individualdeprivationmeasure.org/data/IDM_REPORT.pdf At the epistemological level, I am working with a co-author to figure out how moral claims may be justified in non-ideal or real-world circumstances of cultural diversity and social inequality. .


  • Global gender justice, moral epistemology


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