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  • Primary interests are in carbonate diagenesis, and application of carbonate geology to the understanding of petroleum reservoirs and aquifers. Past work includes analysis of early fresh-water diagenesis and mineralogical stabilization, mass transfer and cementation in regional fresh-water aquifers, the formation of microporosity in limestones, the origin of dolomite, early compaction phenomena, and the evolution of permeability with burial. Current work focuses on (1) spatial patterning in diagenetic products and use of reaction transport modeling to understand self-organizing processes in diagenesi, and (2) the evolution of nano-scale pore systems in unconventional petroleum reservoirs. Secondary interests relate to student affect (motivation, self-regulation, self efficacy, attitudes) in undergraduate learning, and measuring the extent of student-centered active learning in geoscience classrooms.


  • Diagenesis of carbonate rocks, dolomitization, self-organizing phenomena, rock-water interaction, reaction-transport modeling, carbonate sedimentology, porosity and permeability evolution, undergraduate affect in geoscience learning and teaching, measuring geoscience classroom practices, active learning strategies


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