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Frajzyngier, Zygmunt Professor


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  • Frajzyngier's work is focused on the following areas: (1) Foundations of syntax and semantics (two books (one co-authored), numerous papers) (2) Description of undocumented and endangered languages (published seven grammars, and three dictionaries) (3) Grammaticalization, i.e. emergence and evolution of grammatical systems (one book and numerous papers) (4) Linguistic Typology (6 books (two-coedited) , numerous papers) (5) Morphological theory (two recent papers) (6) Phonological theory (several papers) (7) Reference systems (several papers) (8) Language contact (9) Basic variety languages Frajzyngier worked alone or with collaborators on: Awutu (Kwa, Niger-Congo), Pero, Mupun, Lele, Gidar, Hdi, Wandala (Frajzyngier published grammars of all of these languages), Hausa (co-authored book ), Berber (two co-authored papers), English, Polish. Mandarin, Russian, Sino-Russian idiolects. In addition to these Frajzyngier did fieldwork on: Mada, Masa, Cibak, Hona, Kapsiki, Somrai,


  • Fundamental issues in the structure of language, functions coded in the language and the forms that code them, foundations of semantics and syntax, undocumented and endangered languages of Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad, grammaticalization and historical syntax, morphological theory, emergence of functions in language and a new geographical area, Chinese and Sino-Russian idiolects


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