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  • One of my research projects focuses on identifying the factors that lead to first authorship in management scholarship by analyzing a data set collected from 780 authors of top-tier management journals. A second research project focuses on theorizing the relationship between employee benefits and employee performance with a theoretical model based on organizational support theory to explain the relationship. A third research paper examines the effect of gender inequities related to teaching management in U. S. business schools. A fourth project examines the effect of the publication of scholarly books as an outcome that can contribute to advancing the field of management by encouraging scholars to publish more holistic theoretical frameworks based on a cognitive mapping analysis.


  • management of employee rewards, knowledge management, management of innovation and entrepreneurship, gender in the workplace


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  • MGMT 3030 - Critical Leadership Skills
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Provides an opportunity to learn about and practice the skills required of all managers. These skills include leadership, negotiation, conducting performance appraisals, delegation, effective communication, interviewing and making hiring decisions, and managing employees with problem behaviors. Objectives include developing self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses as a manager, gaining familiarity with theory-based skills, and developing proficiency in the use of these skills. Formerly MGMT 3030. Degree credit not granted for this course and LEAD 1000.
  • MGMT 4030 - Managing Employee Reward Systems
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Examines theories of work motivation and relates them to the strategic use of compensation and other reward systems. Topics include procedures for managing base pay; linking pay incentives to productivity at the individual, group, and organizational levels; developing cost-effective programs of employee benefits; and the use of nonfinancial reward systems. Formerly MGMT 4030
  • ORMG 7320 - Doctoral Seminar: Macro Aspects of Entrepreneurship
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2019
    Critically investigates major issues in organization theory and provides students with experience in comprehensively surveying literature in subject areas such as organization design, power, culture, innovation, technology, environment, size, and strategy. Instructor consent required.


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