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  • Prof. Amadei's current interests reside in the application of systems science and complexity science in small-scale community development projects and geological engineering projects. More specifically, he is interested in how to use system dynamics tools combined with other decision tools to: (i) model the complex interactions taking place across social, natural, economic, and infrastructure systems; and (ii) understand how such interactions my contribute to sustainable development. Dr. Amadei is also interested in the new field of Peace Engineering (PeaceEng) developed at Drexel University. It introduces engineers to the issues and mechanics of conflict analysis and peacebuilding and invites engineers to develop systemic methods and technologies to support peacebuilding efforts in conflict avoidance, reduction, and/or recovery.


  • Engineering for Developing Communities and International Development; Sustainability and Sustainable Development, Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, Complexity and System Dynamics, Peace Engineering


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