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  • Andrew Cowell's research focuses on the intersections of anthropology, language and performance. He has worked especially on oral narratives of the Plains Native Americans (Arapaho, Gros Ventre), on language documentation, language maintenance and revitalization, and the ethnography of language shift and community responses to language shift. Publications (books) include The Arapaho Language; Hinono'einoo3itoono/Arapaho Historical Traditions; Arapaho Stories, Songs and Prayers: A Bilingual Anthology; and Aaniiih/White Clay Narratives. An ethnography Naming the World: Language and Power among the Northern Arapaho is currently under review.


  • linguistic anthropology, ethnography, language documentation, historical anthropology, Native America, Polynesia, francophone Pacific, language endangerment, language maintenance, language revitalization, language shift, oral narrative, performance studies, universal dependency relations


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