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  • Mark Amerika has exhibited his art in many venues including the Whitney Biennial, the Walker Art Center, the Denver Art Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, ZKM, the Biennale de MontrĂ©al, and the American Museum of the Moving Image. Amerika has had five early and/or mid-career retrospectives including the first two Internet art retrospectives ever produced (Tokyo and London). In 2017, his large-scale exhibition of digital art, Glitch Mix: not an error, took place in Havana, Cuba, at the Estudio Figueroa-Vives and the Norwegian Embassy to Cuba. Professor Amerika's practice-based research and publications focus on issues related to remix culture, digital rhetoric and writing, Internet and mobile media art, live audio/visual performance art, new media theory, and digital forms of literature.


  • Interdisciplinary media arts, contemporary art theory, electronic literature, creative writing, information aesthetics, performance art, cinema, networked and mobile media communications, online publishing, social media networking, remix culture, history and theory of digital art


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