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Lladser, Manuel E. Associate Professor


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  • Dr. Lladser's is a probabilist and computational biologist. The overarching vision of his research is a synergism of mathematics and science. Currently, he is involved in research problems related to patterns in random sequences (e.g. to assess RNA secondary structure), extrapolation of discrete distributions (e.g. to predict the coverage of a microbial sample), stochastic modeling of biological processes (e.g. to model the endonuclease activity of CRISPR-Cas9), resolving mixture models with uncharacterized components (e.g. to estimate the fraction of cancerous cells in an in-situs tumor), and developing statistical and machine learning methods to analyze next-generation sequencing datasets (e.g. to interpret more accurately GRO-Seq data).


  • algorithmic probability, bioinformatics, computational biology, computational probability, discrete mathematics, discrete probability, mathematical biology


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