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Webb, David C. Associate Professor


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  • Dr. Webb’s research focuses on the study of teachers’ classroom assessment practices, to better understand and model the relationships between teachers’ content knowledge, instructional goals, interpretation of student thinking, and instructional decisions. Collectively, these constructs and practices, in addition to the design characteristics of questions and tasks teachers use to assess student learning and guide instruction, are at the heart of what is currently known about effective formative assessment. Dr. Webb has also engaged in curriculum development and analysis as a means to understand how learning lines are instantiated in the sequencing of activities in K-12 and undergraduate mathematics. Research and teaching in assessment has also included science and computational thinking. This cross-disciplinary work has revealed aspects of assessment design and practice that are discipline specific and those that are generalizable across disciplines.


  • Research on teachers' classroom assessment practices, design of professional development in classroom assessment, assessment design and use in STEM education, curriculum design, active learning in undergraduate mathematics, computer science education


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  • EDUC 5317 Perspectives on Mathematics (Fall 2018)
  • EDUC 5820 Teaching K-12 Mathematics: Algebraic Thinking (Summer 2018)
  • EDUC 5706 Assessment in Mathematics and Science Education (Spring 2018)


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