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Schibli, Thomas R. Associate Professor


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  • Dr. Schibli’s research is focused on precision optical metrology and the discovery of novel tools, methods, and materials that aid the progress in this field. Part of the current research effort is devoted towards novel light sources for precision measurements and a better understanding and controlling of the quantum noise limits in lasers and laser-based measurements. His group is working on monolithic ultrafast lasers, ultra-low noise lasers, and coherent light sources. Recent achievements span from the synthesis and characterization of the ultrafast optical and electronic properties of single atomic layer graphene to a variety of graphene-based electro-optic devices, as well as pulsed lasers with record-low timing jitter in the few attosecond domain.


  • precision optical metrology, optical frequency combs, low-phase noise lasers, microwave generation via optical frequency division, optical and electronic properties of graphene and IIIV materials, graphene synthesis, graphene devices, ultrafast physics, ultrafast lasers, ultrafast materials, nonlinear optics, laser dynamics, frequency and time-resolved laser spectroscopy, atomic, molecular, and optical physics, AMO, electronic structure of low-dimensional materials


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