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Hussein, Mahmoud Ismail Associate Professor and Alvah M. and Harriet O. Hovlid Endowed Professor


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  • Dr. Hussein's research interests lie in the areas of structural and solid dynamics, vibrations, wave propagation and computational physics, with particular emphasis on periodic materials and structures. His program aims at developing and establishing novel concepts, theories and methods as well as the discovery of new physical phenomenon pertaining to phononic wave propagation in periodic materials and structures across different length scales (a.k.a. phononics). His recent contributions have been in developing fundamental theories and techniques for model reduction and for the treatment of dissipation and nonlinearity in Bloch wave propagation. He has also been contributing to the area of analysis and design of nanostructured semiconducting materials for desired thermal transport properties and improved thermoelectric energy conversion. Furthermore, he and a collaborator have been investigating the use of phononic materials for flow control.


  • Theoretical, computational and experimental dynamics of materials and structures, dispersive, dissipative and nonlinear dynamics, periodic systems, disordered systems, phononics including phononic crystals and metamaterials, vibrations and wave propagation, thermal transport in crystals, flow control using phononic materials, discrete dislocation dynamics, multiscale methods, model reduction methods, design and optimization


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