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Randall, Erika Anne Associate Professor


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  • Ms. Randall's research is articulated through her life-long study of dance and her pursuits of film. Unique in their modes of expression, her performance, choreography, directing, and screenwriting all serve her over-arching goal to examine, reconsider, and rewrite roles for women on the stage, the screen, and the street. Using the feminist idea of the 'personal is political' as her North Star, she navigates her own intimate narrative, looking for salient images and characters to mine for the physical and metaphoric content of her work. Most recently, through her feature dance film, 'Leading Ladies,' which she co-wrote, co-directed, co-choreographed, and co-produced, and through and her dance for the camera works like,'Down for the Count,' 'self defense,' 'more, ' and 'less,' Randall hopes to examine and transform gender roles through the medium of popular culture, dance, and film.


  • choreographer, screenwriter, director, dancer/performer


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