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  • Prof. Uzdensky leads the Theoretical Plasma Astrophysics Group at CIPS. His current research focuses on 3 main areas: (1) Dynamics, nonthermal particle acceleration, and radiation signatures of relativistic collisionless magnetic reconnection and turbulence, with applications to pulsar magnetospheres, winds, pulsar wind nebulae; and black-hole accretion disks, coronae, and jets. (2) Plasmoid-dominated regime of magnetic reconnection in large systems and its onset , including in systems with background flow shear, in both classic resistive MHD and collisionless plasmas. (3) Magnetic reconnection in astrophysical radiation-dominated plasma environments, a new frontier pioneered by D. Uzdensky, important for understanding magnetar flares and gamma-ray bursts. He also works on fundamental aspects of magnetic reconnection, on intermittency of energy dissipation in MHD turbulence, and on waves and instabilities in quantum plasmas.


  • theoretical plasma physics, space physics, solar physics, plasma astrophysics, high-energy astrophysics, magnetohydrodynamics, magnetic reconnection


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