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Newlands, Carole E. Professor


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  • Dr. Newlands' research is focussed on understanding the Roman world in the first century CE when the system of government shifted dramatically from a republic to an autocracy; by the end of the same period the empire had reached a state of unparalleled prosperity and stability. She explores political and social change through key literary, and to some extent also, artistic works of this period, examining the questions they raise of the freedom of the writer to challenge the status quo, to effect political and social change, to find new forms of expression for new forms of political and cultural power. She is also interested in reception studies, in particular in the large body of works by the Augustan poet Ovid (43BCE-17CE), and the art and literature inspired by him to the present day. Currently she is writing a book on the reception and translation of Latin poetry in Scotland during two periods of political and cultural growth, the sixteenth century, and post-devolution.


  • imperial Roman poetry, reception studies, ancient art and social history, Roman religion and gender, medieval Latin poetry


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