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Wilson Sokhey, Sarah Assistant Professor


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  • Dr. Sokhey's research focuses the connection between politics and economics including economic and social policy reforms and business-state relations, especially in Russia and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. She has written about pension reform around the world including her book, The Political Economy of Pension Policy Reversal in Post-Communist Countries (Cambridge University Press, 2017). Her work has been published in various journals including Party Politics, Europe-Asia Studies, and Economics & Politics, and has received support from the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) and the Social Science Research Council (SSRC).


  • politics of economic reforms, democratization, interest groups, lobbying, business-state relations, post-communist countries of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia


selected publications


courses taught

  • PSCI 3022 Russian Politics (Spring 2019)
  • PSCI 7902 Independent Study (Spring 2019)
  • PSCI 8992 Doctoral Dissertation (Spring 2019)
  • PSCI 2012 Introduction to Comparative Politics (Fall 2018)
  • PSCI 4848 Independent Study (Fall 2018)
  • PSCI 7008 Teaching Political Science (Fall 2018)
  • PSCI 7132 Comparative Political Economy (Fall 2018)
  • PSCI 7902 Independent Study (Fall 2018)
  • PSCI 8902 Graduate Research Topic (Fall 2018)
  • PSCI 8992 Doctoral Dissertation (Fall 2018)
  • PSCI 3022 Russian Politics (Spring 2018)
  • PSCI 7902 Independent Study (Spring 2018)
  • PSCI 8992 Doctoral Dissertation (Spring 2018)


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