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  • My research is at the interface of environmental biogeochemistry and near-surface hydrology. I seek to understand how reactive elements (such as carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur) transform within and transport through terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. My past and current projects have included understanding the interactions of biogeochemical and hydrologic processes in human-dominated systems, such as the vineyards of California, and in more remote areas, such as the high montane forests of the Colorado Front Range. I am interested not only in conducting research, but also in working toward sustainable solutions related to water and nutrient management. In addition, I am involved in designing large-scale observatory networks, and exploring compatibility of networks within the United States and internationally.


  • Environmental biogeochemistry, near-surface biogeochemical and hydrologic processes, sustainability of soil and water resources, stable isotope geochemistry, X-ray Absorption Near-edge Structure spectroscopy


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