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Xiao, Jianliang Assistant Professor


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  • My primary research interest is stretchable/flexible electronics, which offers high-performance electronic devices with the mechanical properties of a rubber band, which enables otherwise impossible applications, such as flexible display, bio-integrated diagnostic and therapeutic implements (e.g. flexible EKG sensors), bio-inspired devices (e.g. electronic eyeball cameras), and wearable electronics. The research topics include design and fabrication of stretchable electronic devices, mechanics of thin films on compliant substrates, and integration strategies for hard/soft materials. Nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes, silicon nanowires, and graphenes, possess extraordinary mechanical and electrical properties, and are good candidates for next-generation devices and electronic systems. Another focus of my research is theoretical study of mechanical behaviors of nanomaterials, and their interaction with substrates, through both analytical and atomistic methods.


  • mechanics, nanomaterials, thin films, stretchable electronics, flexible electronics, soft materials, bio-inspired and bio-integrated devices, shape memory polymers


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