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Polman, Joseph L Professor


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  • Dr. Polman researches how people learn science, history, and literacy through inquiry and projects and with the support of technology, both in community-based out-of-school programs and in schools. His research uses sociocultural lenses to focus on learning and identity development as young people participate in media construction related to their lives and communities. He seeks to identify and make accessible to young people practices from the disciplines and professions that they can find meaningful and transformative in their lives on an ongoing basis. In particular, an important goal of his research is to inform the design of learning environments that involve young people with powerful tools for democratic and civic participation.


  • learning sciences, learning environment design, design-based research, identity development, science literacy, project-based learning


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courses taught

  • EDUC 8348 - Seminar: Human Development
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018
    Intensive study of selected topics in human development. The focus of the seminar will vary depending on the instructor's expertise and students' interests. Recent topics include adolescent development in social context, Vygotsky and Cultural-Historical Activity Theory, and design-based research methods. Repeatable for credit up to 6 total credit hours. Recommended prerequisite: EDUC 6318 or EDUC 8210 or instructor consent.


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