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Alston, Eric Christopher Scholar In Residence


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  • My background displays a commitment to better understanding fundamental institutions such as the rule of law and constitutionalism, with experience ranging from innocence project and criminal justice reform work to involvement in constitutional drafting processes. The intersection of institutional analysis, comparative international law, and law and economics frame my research projects, which share a common thread defined by my experience since my undergraduate years. While the fields of economic history and new institutional economics (NIE) have long emphasized the importance of legal contexts, law and economics scholarship has not drawn as heavily on these fields in return. My research fills this void by applying methodologies from economic history and NIE to research questions in comparative constitutional design and property law. My position at CU Boulder allows me to continue exploring these interests through the pursuit of my own research and teaching.


  • law and economics, property rights, constitutional drafting, constitutional implementation, legal history, economic history, new institutional economics, institutional analysis, institutional design, comparative constitutional law, property law, water law, blockchain, decentralization, human rights, rights of nature, ecuador, comparative international law, political economy, public choice, decentralization



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