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Ding, Xiaoyun Assistant Professor


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  • Our research group in University of Colorado Boulder centers on cutting-edge micro/nano systems for various applications in biomedicine, particularly in cell manipulation, cell membrane disruption and repair, intracellular delivery and subcellular delivery. Our platform will benefit various fields in fundamental cell studies, biochemistry, medical diagnosis, and therapeutics. We aim to 1) develop cutting-edge tools and technologies of intracellular delivery for hard-to-transfer cells such as immune cells, and subcellular drug delivery, such as organelles; 2) investigate the interactions between cells and external stimuli, including electromagnetics, mechanics, acoustics, thermodynamics, and chemistry at micro/nano scale; 3) develop micro/nano devices, instruments, and systems for human healthcare, point-of-care disease diagnostics, and medical therapeutics.


  • microfluidics, BioMEMS, intracellular delivery, cell membrane disruption and repair, electroporation, sonoporation, micro/nano system for intracellular delivery and subcellular delivery, micro/nano system for cell manipulation, cell sorting, cell separation, cell trapping


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