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  • Dr. Barlow’s research is currently focused on individual and community-based logistical and behavioral change for advancing toward a more sustainable and resilient future. Her specific area of interest is United States citizens and communities, particularly the culture of residential Universities because of the opportunities to both curtail disproportionate consumption and educate the next generation of consumers. She works with undergraduate students on service learning projects on the leading edge of energy conservation, materials management, food, and education and outreach on the University of Colorado campus. The campus and surrounding town provide place-based, applied opportunities to research and develop new methodologies and to test their effectiveness. As we move further into 21st century environmental and socioeconomic challenges, Dr. Barlow's focus has expanded to incorporate personal and community resilience.


  • Climate change and climate variability, anthropogenic influences on the earth system/earth system influences on humans, climate change education adaptation and resilience, sustainability, responses to combined effects of climate variability and petroleum production, energy materials food and water conservation behaviors, voluntary behavioral change, community based social marketing, eco-effectiveness, climate change in polar regions, biomimicry, physical geology education


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