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  • Prof. Toohey's research addresses the role of trace gases and aerosols on Earth's climate, atmospheric oxidation, and air quality. He develops instruments for fast-response in situ measurements from the ground, balloons, and aircraft. He has participated in numerous field campaigns to study topics such as stratospheric ozone depletion over the Arctic, the impact of rockets on stratospheric chemistry, long-range transport of pollutants, and the role of aerosols in modification of cloud properties. He has conducted work in Antarctica, Spitsbergen, New Zealand, Sweden, Nepal, the Virgin Islands, Alaska, Hawaii, and throughout the continental United States. He has also developed United States international policy on energy and green economic growth while serving as a Jefferson Science Fellow in the Department of State.


  • in situ measurements of trace gases and aerosols, development of instruments for research aircraft, calibration of sub-micron aerosol instruments, impact of rocket emissions on earth's energy balance, impact of aircraft emissions on atmospheric chemistry, laboratory studies of oxidation of organic compounds and formation of aerosols, energy policy


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