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  • In political socialization, Prof. McDevitt explores influences of family, media and schools in the cultivation of youth civic development and ideological identity. He is principal investigator for Colors of Socialization, a project that investigates the deliberative dispositions of adolescents in “red” and “blue” counties. This research highlights the value of conflict seeking and deliberation in youth expression, rather than adopting the prevailing view of political development as internalization and conflict avoidance. In media sociology, Prof. McDevitt is working on a book: Where ideas go to die: Anti-intellectualism in American journalism (Oxford University Press). He documents how anti-intellectualism is encoded in routine news content and channeled in more spectacular cases of media ritual. Chapters draw evidence from a national survey of journalism students and case studies that deploy content analysis, textual analysis, and interviews of reporters and editors.


  • political communication, political socialization, youth civic engagement, political identity, journalism studies, media studies, media sociology, anti-intellectualism, deliberation


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