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  • Professor Hall's research is situated within the fields of sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology. Her publications focus on issues of language and social identity in India and United States, particularly as they materialize within hierarchies of gender, sexuality, and socioeconomic class. Much of her work is based on extended ethnographic research among Hindi- and English-speaking groups associated with gender and sexual difference in northern India, and in particular New Delhi. In this body of work, Dr. Hall analyzes the sociocultural and linguistic impact of globalization, with special attention to localized articulations of nationalism and modernity. Her more recent work focuses on language and embodiment (particularly gesture), language and politics (particularly the discourse practices of Donald Trump), and language and sociality in the autism spectrum.


  • linguistic anthropology, socioinguistics, discourse analysis, language, gender, and sexuality, language and embodiment, language and identity, political discourse, South Asia, India, Hindi, codeswitching, critical gender and sexuality theory, language and autism


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