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Hamlington, Peter Edward Assistant Professor and Vogel Faculty Fellow


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  • Dr. Hamlington's research is focused on understanding and modeling turbulent flows in both engineering and geophysical problems. His engineering research is focused on unsteady, boundary layer, and chemically reacting turbulent flows. The primary emphasis is on using theoretical analyses and data from large eddy or direct numerical simulations to understand fundamental turbulence physics in these flows. The longer-term objective is to use insights from these studies in the development of physically accurate models for large-scale simulations of realistic problems. Dr. Hamlington’s research on geophysical turbulence is currently focused on characterizing turbulent processes in the oceanic mixed layer. Ultimately, these studies may lead to more accurate parameterizations of subgrid-scale processes for larger-scale climate and weather simulations. Dr. Hamlington has also studied wind and ocean renewable energy technologies, as well as wildland fires.


  • Turbulent flows, reacting flows and combustion, computational fluid dynamics, geophysical turbulence, renewable energy, propulsion, vortex dynamics


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