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  • Dr. Diduch's research is focused on issues in ancient Greek political philosophy, in addition to questions in epistemology and ethics. Dr. Diduch has published on Plato's Crito and Thucydides' History, and is currently working on a paper on Plato's Meno, which explores the pedagogic relationship between problems in moral philosophy and problems in epistemology (specifically, the problem of epistemic circularity). This paper has already received high praise for its novel argument linking the problems of virtue and knowledge together as matters of Socratic pedagogic priority. Dr. Diduch is also interested in relating current issues in epistemology, especially evolutionary epistemology, to Socratic philosophy and ancient Skepticism. Dr. Diduch is also working on an edited volume on the question of Socrates' philosophic philanthropy; and his long-term research goals include a book manuscript on Socrates' critique of ancient science.


  • philosophy, ancient philosophy, ancient political thought, Plato, Aristotle, history of political thought, science studies, moral and philosophical implications of modern science, philosophy of science, Darwinism, scientism, philosophical assumptions and implications of contemporary psychology and cognitive science,



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