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Wilson, Terri S. Assistant Professor


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  • Dr. Wilson’s research explores the conceptual foundations and normative significance of education policy, including school choice, desegregation and parent engagement. Her current research project explores how to balance the interests of families in choosing distinctive schools—especially ones that affirm ethnic, linguistic or cultural identities—against arguments for a common, integrated school system. She is building on this research to examine: (a) the experiences of students in culturally distinctive schools, (b) how schools of choice market themselves; and (c) conceptual justifications for school choice. She has also written about how philosophical inquiry can be pursued through empirical research. A new project focuses on the values and claims parents employ in opting children out of standardized assessments, and how “opt out” efforts raise longstanding philosophical questions about the proper scope of state and family authority over the provision of education.


  • school choice, parent engagement


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