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Goldfarb, Kathryn Elissa Assistant Professor


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  • Dr. Goldfarb's research explores how social inclusion and exclusion shape holistic well-being and embodied experience. In Japan, her research focuses on the stakes of disconnection from family networks. She conducts ethnographic research at child welfare institutions, with foster and adoptive families, with networks of youth who grew up in state care, and with people who have used infertility treatment. Her research examines how kinship ideologies articulate with discourses of Japanese national and cultural identity, how these discourses shape understandings of what is “normal,” and how these concepts of normalcy are caught up in global circuits of knowledge surrounding human development, child rights, and concepts of “care” under the rubric of social welfare. She is particularly interested in the ways that neuroscientific evidence is mobilized in the context of claims regarding early life adversity, development, and a person’s ability to make interpersonal connections.


  • Kinship, medical anthropology and mental health, social determinants of health and well-being, semiotics, narrative, engaged anthropology, anthropology of Japan


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