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Barton, Taylor Wallis Assistant Professor and Lockheed Martin Faculty Fellow


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  • Dr. Barton’s RF Power Laboratory investigates engineering challenges related to RF and microwave active circuit design. Currently, the group is focused on making RF front-ends and related components more energy efficient. Her research in novel MMIC and hybrid power amplifier architectures addresses the performance tradeoffs (such as linearity vs. efficiency) in conventional designs. Examples include a novel RF-input load modulated balanced amplifier topology and related techniques employing load modulation, as well as RF front-ends that can be reconfigured in operating frequency, signal characteristics, or load impedance. Other thrusts of Dr. Barton's research group include analog sensor technologies integrated with power amplifiers in GaN and related high-performance technologies. Examples include integrated temperature and impedance sensors for in-situ monitoring of environmental factor that affect reliability and performance.


  • Power Amplifiers, Radio Frequency (RF), Microwave Circuits, Transmitters, Reconfigurable Systems, Analog circuits


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