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Pourahmadian, Fatemeh Assistant Professor


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  • We aim to tackle some of the challenging direct and inverse problems in engineering mechanics involving wave motion. Examples include: • inverse scattering in complex or unknown domains • linear/nonlinear wave propagation in materials with periodic, random, or multiphase microstructure e.g. metamaterials, damage/degradation zones, porous/granular media • elastic wave cloaking • nonlinear and multi-scale dynamics of material interfaces Some of the direct applications of our research are in the areas of • enhanced gas/geothermal energy production, involving real-time targeted monitoring of subsurface processes (field operations for the purpose of hydrocarbon/geothermal resources), • biomedical imaging, entailing the nonlinear mechanics of soft tissue • prediction of instability and failure • critical infrastructure protection


  • acoustic/elastic wave imaging, remote sensing, system identification, experimental mechanics, physics, applied mathematics, linear/nonlinear waves in complex media, elastic wave guiding, cloaking


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