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  • Mimi Engel is an associate professor and chair of the Research & Evaluation Methodology (REM) program in the CU-Boulder School of Education. Dr. Engel's work spans several areas including teacher labor markets (focus on teacher hiring) and early skill formation (focus on mathematics teaching and learning for young children), and contextual influences on children, the central aim of her research is to provide new information about policies, programs, and administrative factors that have the potential to improve students’ school-related outcomes, particularly among students from traditionally under-served populations. Dr. Engel uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct program evaluations and analyses investigating issues in education policy. Her newest project, in collaboration with Dr. Allison Atteberry, is a research-practice partnership with Denver Public Schools focused on supporting the district around policies related to teachers and students.


  • teacher labor markets, early skill formation, program evaluation, educational policy, mixed methods educational research, early childhood mathematics teaching and learning


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  • EDUC 5716 - Basic Statistical Methods
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018 / Fall 2019
    Introduces descriptive statistics including graphic presentation of data, measures of central tendency and variability, correlation and prediction, and basic inferential statistics, including the t-test.
  • EDUC 7386 - Educational Evaluation
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2020
    Builds an understanding of the range of approaches taken by educational evaluators, focusing particularly on the evaluation of programs. Explores the nature of different evaluation perspectives and how these disparate views translate into methodological and conceptual models. Students develop a familiarity with the most common and influential approaches to evaluation.
  • EDUC 8240 - Quantitative Methods II
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018 / Spring 2019
    Continues the exploration of research design in the social sciences, especially the evaluation of the quantitative research reported in professional journals. Introduces instances of the general linear model (both multiple regression and ANOVA) and its application to educational research.


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