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Sriramesh, Krishnamurthy Professor


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  • My program of research has focused on analyzing the impact of culture on public relations/corporate communication. I have done this by studying public relations practices in different parts of the world of not just corporations, a popular trend in our field, but also non-profits and government agencies. This program of research has defined the term culture more broadly – going beyond societal culture studied principally by ethnographers – including the influence of political, economic, media, and activist cultures on public relations. The outcome of this line of research is represented by many peer-reviewed publications including three edited books that have covered public relations practice in over 60 countries across all continents with collaboration from authors who are scholars as well as practitioners. My program of research has resulted in my being invited to serve as a member of the editorial board of prestigious journals.


  • Intercultural Communication, Communication to manage relationships for organizations, Communication for Development


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