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  • Dr. Xue's research interests lie in studying the mechanisms of programmed cell death (or apoptosis), phospholipid asymmetry in biological membranes, mitochondrial inheritance, and radiation-induced bystander effects, as well as various human diseases associated with abnormalities in these fundamental biological processes. His laboratory has been using molecular genetic, biochemical, cell biological, pharmacological, and structural biological approaches to study the mechanisms that regulate and execute these important cellular and developmental processes in the nematode C. elegans and in mammals. Dr. Xue’s group also studies mechanisms underlying liver cell death and pathogenesis caused by infection of hepatitis B virus using C. elegans as an animal model and develops therapeutic strategies to eradicate hepatitis B virus and halt disease progression.


  • apoptosis, necrosis, genetics, developmental biology, lipid asymmetry, hepatitis B virus, mitochondrial and ER signaling, mitochondrial inheritance, drug screens, biochemistry, cell biology, genome editing, radiation-induced bystander effects, neurodegenerative disorders


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